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There Go My Words Again

... hm...
... I've forgotten what I'd have me say. Lost track of some wandering words.

It's the /words,/ see.

Words have a taste to 'em. Well, hell, there's many dimensions to words:
-- insight, for sight and for the soul, to see the printed page and learn more about it and about yourself...
-- sounds, there's sounds, there's slithering sibilance like a streamflow and cracking, crunchy consonance, cobbled together for a vocal vocabulary...
-- touch, in some raised up, upright prose but moreso the writing that touches you, reaches up and grabs your shirtfront to heave you closer...
-- smell, even... from musty recessed yellow artifact tomes straight outta the library to a new car smell glossy magazine.

But I was speaking of taste. Words have a taste to 'em, oh yes, and mine have run off to join the flavorless. They took a powder, as they say, and now taste powdery to me. They're rice cakes without the crunch.

I'd write if I could, but it doesn't taste right to me. Every word I put to paper smacks of cardboard. Rice cakes! I'm not on some lexical diet here. I need substance and sustenance.

Bloody hell. Whoever said I wanted to be Kerouac, anyway?

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