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Writer's Block: Write Me a Letter

If you could have any fictional character write you a letter, who would it be and why? For a bonus, what would the letter say?

I reckon I should answer this, seeing as they were my questions. Probably should've thought a little about that when I submitted them, huh?

There was a meme a while back -- I'll have to dig for it -- where you made a list of fictional characters you wanted letters from and your f-list (or anyone, really) fulfilled the requests. I got some interesting responses and rather enjoyed it. I guess that's what inspired this Writer's Block. I'm the sort of person who really wishes I could ask questions of my favorite characters, try to figure out what they're thinking, what we don't see on the screen or in the book.

Impulse answer: Emerson Hauser from the damn you for cancelling it FOX television series Alcatraz. Of course, I don't see him as being a big letter writer. People like Rupert Giles, Ducky Mallard, John Watson...? Those are the sort to write letters. But, even if it has to be under duress, I'd want correspondence from Emerson. I want to know why certain things happened in his reality, how it happened. He's enigmatic and plays stuff quite close to the vest; the letter would ideally be an account of everything he'd experienced.

Given the nature of my request -- I'm asking Emerson for things I just don't know -- it's not something I feel I can write myself. So much for the bonus question.
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