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Stacks and Stacks of Fandoms

There's no doubt about it: I watch too much television and read too many books. Though it's weird to say 'too many' when it pertains to books. Might want to retract that statement.

Anyway, yes, over the past few years my television consumption has increased. Some of this is because my health has deteriorated and it's an activity I can do just sitting in my armchair. Another reason is that my mother has the TV on all day long. Being disabled herself, this is her escape. I think she also likes the sound for company as she cooks and whatnot. The dogs certainly enjoy it.

I've seen some good shows. Some bad ones. Some /really/ bad ones. The same's probably true of books and even films. I did, in fact, watch the Super Bowl this year. For once, I paid attention to more than the commercials. It was a pretty crazy game. Though I only know the basics of football, it was one hell of an interesting Super Bowl.

Somehow -- no, I don't know the stream of consciousness that brought me here -- this made me start wondering about many of the fandoms I watch and read, past and present. I think in the past I'd indicated that it'd be interesting for me to list my favorite characters, pairings, scenes, and/or episode or chapter titles in books, movies, and TV shows. Okay, so maybe I didn't say all of that all at once. But I know I've talked about a pairings list before, canon or non, and I often look on IMDb for episode titles that speak to me. Most times I choose books at the library sale based solely on their wacky titles. There are film scenes and media characters that just resonate for me.

I want to get thoughts about this stuff down. I've started a note on my phone for when stuff occurs to me and I'll take the next month or so to add to it. You can help by suggesting fandoms you'd like to hear about: movies, books, theatre, sitcoms, dramas, reality, cartoons, gaming... whatever springs to mind. Doesn't matter when it came out. Have questions about a certain writer, director, actor, character, series? Go ahead and ask. If I don't know anything about a fandom, I'll say so. Want to share your opinions on pairings you love, hate, or love to hate? Let's hear it. Comment here or drop me an e-mail or other social media message and I'll keep on adding to my list(s). It'll give me something to share on LiveJournal and something to think about when I'm sick in bed.

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