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My Spoiler Alert Radar is On the Fritz

I'm so tired of being spoiler'd.

Before this cues another round of apologies: don't. It's not your fault and it's not your responsibility to police yourselves and what you post. Don't feel that way. It's not right and it's not fair. Freedom of speech and whatnot. Freedom of expression through photos and .gifs and whatever. Talk about what you want and post on all the social media that you want about your fandoms and passions. Show off the pretty pictures.

This isn't me being grr arg at any one person or about any one fandom. I'm sure I've inadvertently doled out my share of spoilery material... yet seem to be wading through a sea of current fictional events where -- being stuck in the past in so many things -- I find myself confused and annoyed. I'm partly irritated at myself. Mostly myself, even. Irritated that I'm never up to date on TV shows I watch, irritated that I never get out to the movies, irritated that I'm even irritated in the first place because this is certainly not a life or death matter. For the most part, it's television. Television is not the be all, end all. It's fun but it isn't everything.

That being said, I'll repeat my opening statement once more (with feeling): I'm so tired of being spoiler'd. Even the tiniest details, the smallest slips... they just keep on coming and I feel myself in a fit of pique.

I know I can't keep up with all of the fandoms I enjoy. I lost track of when I lost track of NCIS but I still miss it and want to start it over. That takes a backseat to the episodes of Once Upon a Time, Downton Abbey, The Vampire Diaries, Suits, and Person of Interest. I'm behind a varying degree of episodes in all of those and more. I care about some more than others. And I have another series or two or three I'd like to watch. Like Psych and 30 Rock. I have this thing where I like to watch TV shows from their first episode on, instead of jumping in midstream, as it were. I know that practice makes me even more susceptible to spoilers because the information's been out there longer. A long time in some cases. So I can't go in even as a new viewer without some preconceptions. I get that. I just need to stop stumbling onto quotes or pictures or discussions that give some very big things away. And when I'm sent dialogue, photos, video clips, or .gifs, I need to not look at it so closely (or at all) and just keep going. When folks start conversations with me and I know how far behind I am, I need to say so before they get a chance to say something I'll regret hearing.

It's a different sort of vibe, with films. I haven't seen most of the newest superhero films, like The Avengers stuff. I want to. A lot. I just haven't had time, though I've seen so much art for it. Even when it's stuff I know the basic story to -- The Hobbit, for instance, or Les Miserables -- I still very much want to see the movies and be awed. I feel like I've seen so many .gifs for them.

I know I'm rambling sulkily about mostly unimportant stuff. I'm not forever damaged by happening to see fanart that gives away plot. I won't go in a corner and cry because someone showed me pictures for things I haven't seen yet. It's just a frustrating feeling, to be so behind and missing out on learning and experiencing these things for myself. And I'm tired of all of my frustrating feelings.

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