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Writer's Block: News Radio

Where do you get your news from -- cable news channels, online sources, radio? When you hear a story that you find interesting (or maddening), do you immediately go searching for more stories about it?

I'm amused I saw this question whilst actually watching a news program.

My primary source of information is network news (6ABC most often) because it's what I've grown up with. It's almost always on starting at 4PM and I'll likely check in with it again around 11PM. World News Tonight comes on at 6:30PM Eastern Daylight Time, so that's where I'm most likely to hear what's going on around the country and over the globe. From there, I can hit the Internet. If I'm interested or annoyed by a local story, I pick up the ::gasp:: newspaper. Courier Post is delivered every day. On weekends we also get the Inquirer.

To review: 6ABC for news basics. Follow-up with any variety of sources, whatever's convenient. Oh, and if we're just talking about having someone mention news to me in conversation, I'll pull out my phone and Google it. ::shrug:: And that's the way it is. This concludes our broadcast day.
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