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Mostly Proud to be American

Whilst I realize this is a bit of an inopportune time for such a remark, there is a piece of me that feels decidedly British. I've never been abroad (though I'd certainly welcome the chance if someone wishes to fund such an endeavour) and I don't feel that Americans are as great as a few of our citizenry seems to believe we are. To be fair, I also don't think we're as bad as other countries' denizens believe us to be. Insert lots of text here where I talk about recognizing the differences between perception and reality, the part and the whole, stereotypical behaviour and actual behavior... and so on. Further credit me with a few idioms and other folksy remarks that reference, among other things, a few bad apples spoiling the barrel. Oh, how I do go on.

All of that being said (or pretended to be said), I was raised to feel honor and love for my homeland. I do indeed have those feelings. I feel a certain faint but continual patriotism. There may not be laws, ideas, or people I agree with in this country but I daresay I'd find that problem anywhere. For better or for worse, this is my home and I'm proud of my home. Although you won't hear me blithely yammering on about how this is the greatest country evar, how it's been that way since the very beginning and forevermore shall be, I like it here. Yes, on the whole I'm fond of the United States. I'm sure that wherever you are from you must feel at least a little of that fondness; if you don't, I might suggest a change in venue, as it were.

If for some reason I couldn't be an American anymore, I do think that I'd like to be a Briton. The UK as a whole holds great appeal for me. There are a number of foreign countries that do. I do not have a passport. I've never even been to Canada. As the comedian Lewis Black once said, "Even drunk on a bet, you make it to /Canada./" I'm sad I've never been (to Canada, I mean, not the 'drunk on a bet' bits). Perhaps one day.

Pointless insomniac rambling at an end, I'd like to wish my fellow Americans a Happy Independence Day. To all other citizens of the world, I hope your day is no less happy. ::grins:: To one and all, I send my hopes for a good week as it progresses. Today is more than simply the fourth of July for my family; our Yankee Doodle matriarch turns ::mumbles incoherently over the number:: today. So a very happy birthday to Mom! (My sister and I did a lot of heavy duty sprucing up of the house, made cards, got gifts... so we're hoping all turns out well.)

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