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2012 was dead: to begin with.

Greetings to you, LiveJournal, with all your wretched glitchery, as we plod on with the opening of a new calendar year. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but since 30 December, I've had a heck of a time getting through to update. It speaks to my stubborn nature that, though I'm so often a lackluster poster and have recently not been writing much, the fact that LJ made it difficult to post only made me that much more determined to do so. My year in review -- f-locked, in case you were wondering -- was a slapdash affair simply because there was an opening of time when the site was running correctly so I just went ahead and posted whatever I had.

I don't make what you'd call real resolutions for this time of year. I think of very minor goals that I might set myself: some serious, many far less so. As illness has mangled memory in recent history, I've also taken to counting and cataloging events I'd just as soon remember. It comes in handy now and again, to refer back to such a log.

This year, instead of just crunching on the numbers and cranking out minor lists, I thought I'd write a brief account of any stand-out events at day's end. I'm sure there will be days when all I'll be able to write about will be, Sick. In bed. Not too bad. But nothing new. I might even be less verbose on such days. (Odd to think of me at a loss for words, isn't it?) Yet I feel just jotting down a quick note directly into my phone day by day may prove out as a good idea for me. The size of a text message might sum up my day for me. It's writing, even in such a micro form. This is the only real goal I've set myself for now. If I can stick to it for a bit, perhaps I'll contemplate other changes and observations.

I hope the holiday season was nice for one and all. I should very much like to get back into the habit of talking with you on a more regular basis. Taking suggestions for how that might be accomplished.

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