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Stop Doing That

I don't know why I started thinking about this, but y'know what bugs me sometimes? When someone's attempts to reassure or cheer you up come across sounding dismissive.

You say, "I'm angry."
They say, "Don't be!"

You say, "I'm sad."
They say, "You can be happy!"

You say, "I'm jealous."
They say, "Everyone gets that way but you've gotta remember to be grateful for what you have."

You say, "I'm lonely."
They say, "You have people who love you."

It's an attempt at positivity that lacks more substance. It's not their intent to act like what you're feeling doesn't matter but that's how it comes across. Like you simply shouldn't feel pissed off, lonely, whatever. Just because you're feeling low doesn't mean you're incapable of counting your blessings or that you've forgotten you have people in your corner. You know these things but still feel bad or mad or sad anyway: that's what you're trying to express by bringing it up.

(I started writing this as a Facebook status update but I was getting long-winded. Now that I've moved it over here, I'm breathless. Probably from the high altitude that comes from me standing on my soapbox. I'll clamber down and wrap up the thought. Which no one will read anyway but it's not like I'm trying to get sympathy or to elicit a reaction from anyone, so what's it matter how long I write?)

If remarks like that were part of a whole conversation on the subject, then it wouldn't come off in such a frustrating manner. It wouldn't be so... "Doctor, it hurts when I do this!" "Well, then you should stop doing that!"

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